zombie apocalypse roleplay.
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PostSubject: ROLEPLAY RULES   Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:05 pm

    01. This site is intended for roleplayers of all levels, though we do have a small posting limit. You must post at least one thorough paragraph per RP post [five to seven sentences]. Posting more is encouraged.
    02. This site is not liquid time, meaning your character can not be in more than one thread at once. If they wish to leave and enter a new location, they must have exiting and entering posts stating such.
    03. There is no limit for how many characters you can have, though you must follow bans and restrictions. Extra characters will also cost currency, and will have to be approved by staff before being played.
    04. No godmodding/powerplaying/mary sue characters. Your characters are not invincible or flawlessly perfect. Every character should have weaknesses and imperfections, else they will not be accepted.
    05. Fighting is allowed, but do not kill another persons character without permission [the exception is zombie characters, obviously]. You must also notify an administrator before killing off someone elses character.
    06. As mentioned before, this site is rated PG-13. Cursing and violence are allowed. No sexual content is allowed; when things start to get hot and steamy, make sure to fade to black.
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