zombie apocalypse roleplay.
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PostSubject: PLOT    Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:07 pm

you might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth.
- the silent comedy

[more in depth information can be found in the guidebook && plot summary threads]

    Zombies have always been seen as fictitious characters. The slow, shambling menaces that rose from the dead and preyed on humans for their succulent flesh, the ugly, rotting creatures that are programmed only to infect and feed; everyone knows a zombie. Everyone is familiar to the term, thanks to the entertainment industry having such a field day over the grotesque nature of the walking dead. Never did anyone expect that Hollywood world would turn into a reality...but not like anyone had expected.

    No one really knows how the apocalypse started. Wild rumors are flying around the country, becoming muddled as they go, but one in particular has seemed to stick. There is word that top notch scientists had spent the last decade working in secrecy, trying to formulate a serum that could cure the deadliest of diseases. Information was never leaked to the public for many reasons; what if the serum was a total failure? What if certain people were desperate enough to try and steal the serum from the government itself? Too many things could go wrong.

    The attempts of the scientists were all in vain. After many years of hard work, the serum was tested on a subject - a young man by the name of Ben. He'd volunteered himself for the job, hoping the effects of the serum would erase the leukemia he'd recently been diagnosed with. Ben was injected with a small dose of the serum, then locked into a quarantined cell as a precaution. The scientists left him for the night, hoping that the serum would show some effects by morning. The next morning, they found Ben wide awake, waiting for their arrival.

    Nothing seemed out of place about the boy; he looked just as he had the day before. There was something about him, though, something wrong. As he was led to a lab for observations and blood work, Ben suddenly fell to the ground. He began to convulse wildly, as if gripped by muscles spasms or a seizure. The scientists were dumbstruck and stood watching as the young man writhed and twisted on the floor. Before they could call for help, however, he'd recovered and was pushing himself to his feet. The scientists didn't know it, but the serum had done its job. The boy hadn't been cured of his illness, he'd been infected with something much worse.

    As they steadied the boy and bombarded him with questions, the scientists realized something was different. Ben no longer looked sickly and pale; he seemed to be radiating power. A new strength and agility had coursed through his body. His eyes had grown wider, hungrier...and they'd turned pure white, like the eyes of a marble statue. One scientist screamed as she came to the realization; Ben was on her in an instant. Total chaos erupted as the boy sprung forward with unimaginable grace and sunk his teeth into the scientists flesh.

    From there, details are a haze. The government took action as soon as they found out what had happened, but it was too late. Control of the country was wrested away by the hands of these flesh eating menaces; power was cut, the military was over run, scientists were wiped out. They aren't like the zombies you see portrayed by Hollywood; they don't have rotting skin or bodies riddled with bloody wounds. No, the real zombies mirror the looks of their human counterparts. In fact, they look exactly like you and me. The only way to differentiate a zombie from a human is through their pearly white eyes and their inhumane strength.

    Really, though, no one should care how the zombie apocalypse started. Its only a matter of time before we all go down, anyway.
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