zombie apocalypse roleplay.
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PostSubject: GENERAL INFORMATION [must read]   Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:25 pm

[check the "what it takes to survive" board for more in depth information]
    » » PLOT SUMMARY: After a serum was severely miscalculated by scientists, a young man was turned into a flesh-hungry, cannibalistic monster. This type of zombie was nothing close to what films and Hollywood had projected; though he was a certainly a menace, hungry for the flesh of the humans around him, and his bite infected those with the same components of the serum that had turned him, the boy looked just as he had before he became a zombie. He was still a gangly teenage boy, but the serum had also given him increased capabilities; he was suddenly strong, graceful, and quick on his feet. The only way to differentiate him from any of the scientists around him was his slate white eyes. They'd turned into pits of glowing white, like the eyes of a statue. His mind was still fully functioning and he was able to think, but it seemed to be wiped clean as soon as his eyes landed on the humans. The young man attacked, killing two of the scientists and biting four more. The rest escaped unscathed. Not much more is known other than muddled rumors, but over the span of a few weeks, things went to hell. The four scientists that had been bitten turned into zombies like Ben, hungry for flesh. The two that had been killed rose from death, defying common laws, and also turned into zombies. The government had been overrun within days as these zombies began to infest the highest ranks in the country, and they soon spread out to the rest of society.

    » » THE SETTING: This RP is set in a post apocalyptic world. Zombies have fanned out across the country, infesting society with their menace. The government has fallen, and the military is in disray, unable to help the people. The majority of the country has either given up or been infected by the virus. The survivors are scattered far and wide, doing their best to survive.

    » » THE ZOMBIES: Hollywood has always shone zombies as slow, unintelligible creatures. They communicate through a series of groans and rumbles, and they shamble slowly, attracted by noise or smell. The real zombies are nothing of the sort; they are smart, cunning creatures. Though they show some resemblance of the fabled creatures found in films and video games, they are otherwise exactly like humans. The only way to tell a zombie apart from a living, breathing person is through their eyes; the eyes of a zombie are pure white, gleaming and glowing. Zombies have increased capabilities, and are much stronger, nimbler, and easier on their feet than a regular human. Zombies can think, plan, and talk like any human, though they tend to go in a craze when they smell human blood. Zombies are typically attracted by noise or smell. Their sense of sight was severely impaired when turned from a human, and though they can see blurry outlines, their lack of sight is their worse weakness. Zombies usually only travel in hordes or mobs, though the rare zombie can be found alone. Zombies can only be killed by direct trauma to the brain. They can be wounded through other methods, but will not die. Zombies infect through their saliva; if bitten, it will take a human anywhere from one day to one week to turn into a fully fledged zombie.
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